Waxing is a temporary form of hair removal and is needed approximately every 3-6 weeks, depending on the individual hair growth.

Wax is heated and applied to the skin, the wax grips the hairs and they are pulled out completely, leaving the skin smooth and soft.

Overtime, with continuous waxing treatments, hair can grow back finer and lighter and can sometimes stop growing in places all together.

It is a fantastic method of hair removal if you suffer from razor burn and have sensitive skin and results last much longer than shaving alone.


DescriptionTimeList Price
Full leg£25.00
Full leg, bikini or underarm£30.00
Full leg, bikini & underarm£35.00
Three quarter leg£20.00
Three quarter leg, bikini or underarm£25.00
Three quarter leg, bikini & underarm£30.00
Half leg£15.00
Half leg, bikini or underarm£20.00
Half leg, bikini & underarm£25.00
High bikini£15.00
Lip / Chin£6.50
Lower face£17.00